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ANX, From Tectonics Festival Glasgow, 2015, with Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, Members of BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and Turntables. Graphic Score in two parts, film made by Matt Jamie. Previously broadcast on BBC Radio 3

Director and Composer: NOISESTRA


TRASH MEDIA – Sound Film with live soundtrack, performed at Literary and Philosophical Society, November 2014. Film by Matt Jamie.

Mariam – Jumping Puddles Club Mix by Hellomontoya on Mixcloud



DJ mix From ‘Jumping Puddles’ Club Scene with Open Clasp Theatre Company

Composer for Zendeh’s CINEMA

With Rhodri Davies, Harp and Santoor. Recorded at Lit and Phil Residency.

Commissioned by Poet in Residence, Caroline Bergvall for Whitechapel Art Gallery, London.
A live turntable remix of Leslie Scalapino’s ‘Day, Ocean, State of Stars, Night (The Forest is in the Euphrates River’

From Lit and Phil Residency, for Turntables and Double Bass, with Michael Duch

Because I Cannot Sleep,Commission from Michael Duch for Olavsfestdagene, Trondheim, Norway.Double Bass, Bass voice and Turntable quartet.

Lion’s Blood – solo release

Wax Magnetic at Morden Tower, 2012.

Composer for Music Theatre: FLOCK, music for Zendeh

Performer: John Cage’s Improvisation III at BBC Proms 47, 2012, with Steve Beresford, Adam Bohman, Jonathan Bohman, Vicki Bennett, Karen Constance, Christoph Heeman, Dylan Nyoukis, on cassette players.

Composer: ESFA performed by John Tilbury, Rhodri Davies and Michael Duch, 2011.

Composer/Performer: ‘NOST’With Wax Magnetic and Noize Choir Buy HERE

Mawson/Kerr Graphic Score, performed by John Pope (Double Bass), Sean Cotterill (Violin) and Mariam Rezaei (prepared Tar)

ARK, Jeppes Park, Johannesburg



CHAR for Kreutzer String Quartet

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