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Mariam Rezaei (b.1984) Composer in Residence at The Literary and Philosophical Library, Newcastle, Artistic Director of NOISESTRA and The Old Police House, in Gateshead.
In 2013, Mariam was awarded Best Newcomer 2012 Award at the Journal Culture Awards and in 2014, the ‘Enhancing Communities’ Award with Northern Proud Voices.
Mariam works predominantly with turntables, piano, vocals and electronics.

Mariam composes and performs in theatre including ‘Flock’ and ‘Cinema’ by ZENDEH, ‘Beats North’ by Curious Monkey, ‘Into Thin Air’ by Precious Cargo, ‘Here Is The News’ Northern Stage and Lorne Campbell, ‘Your Aunt Fanny’, Live Theatre and ‘Jumping Puddles’ by Open Clasp Theatre Co.

With kind support from Arts Council England, Mariam began the first ever composer residency at the Literary and Philosophical Society Library, Newcastle, in May 2014, working with Neil Davidson (Glasgow), Rhodri Davies (Gateshead) and Michael Duch (Norway) in short term research projects. Mariam will continue her research in to the poetry of Persian poet Rumi and the aesthetic of the Lion as Ego, the dichotomy between Intellect and Love and its relationship with Art.

Mariam is Musical Director of turntable ensemble NOISESTRA and the Old Police House, based at the Old Police House venue in Gateshead. She is Music Director of the Award-Winning choir Northern Proud Voices, DJ Tutor with Lawnmower’s Theatre Company ‘Krocodile Klub’ and Bradford Scratch Orchestra. In her spare time, she writes for NARC Magazine.
For the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, she composed for NOISESTRA, to perform with Apartment House at Sage Gateshead, 2012 and Edinburgh 2013. She was invited by Ilan Volkov as a guest improviser for the BBC Proms 47 2012, the John Cage Centenary Celebration. She performed ‘Jig Hop’ with Kathryn Tickell and Folkestra for the BT River of Music Opening of the London Olympics 2012, Trafalgar Square. Recent performance research includes performing graphic scores by Richard Dawson, developing new work as Wax Magnetic, a new BFI commission for ‘Der Golem’ with Noize Choir, ‘SuperDream’ with Isis Arts, Swallows Foundation, British Council ZA and The Trinity Session ZA. Other commissions include Olavsfestdagene, Norway, for Turntable Quartet, Solo voice and Double Bassist Michael Duch, and ‘INSiiiDE’ an ensemble piece for Ilan Volkov, Tectonics Festival, Tel Aviv. ‘ANX’ was a commission for TECTONICS GLASGOW and the BBC, for members of the BBC SSO and Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, premiered on May 1st and broadcast on BBC Radio 3. MILK/// was a commission for ONLY CONNECT and Tectonics Oslo, 2016.

More details can be found on the ‘Gigs and Contact’ page

Notable composition commissions and performances have included:

Lore Lixenberg (2008), DJ Tigerstyle (2008) Cranc (HCMF 2008), Kreutzer String Quartet (Wilton’s Music Hall March 2009, toured internationally, and forthcoming), Rhodri Davies (HCMF 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011), Plus Minus (March 2010), John Tilbury & Rhodri Davies & Michael Duch (HCMF and November Music 2010), Apartment House (April 2010, November 2011 and forthcoming), Ah! You Sitting Comfortably (Nov 2009, May 2010)
Wigmore Hall (First DJ to ever perform or commissioned April 2011 working with 20 young people as part of Young Producers Festival)
Edinburgh Fringe 2011 – John Hails for The White Gallery,
Cultural Olympiad 2012 – CIF Turntables / NOISESTRA with Apartment House  (Working with 14 young people)
Cultural Olympiad 2012  ‘River of Music’ (with Kathryn Tickell, Folkestra, Bad Taste Cru, Brendan Murphy and Hannabiell Sanders), repeat performance – June 2013
Merchant City Festival, Glasgow Music Halls, Guest Improviser, June 2012,
BBC Proms, John Cage Centenary Celebrations, n.47, Guest Improviser, August 2012.
Whitley Bay Film Festival, Guest Improviser, August 2012.
‘Flock’ 90 minutes theatre show, Music Director with Zendeh, Cultural Olympiad 2012-13
Noize Choir – NOST (featuring Wax Magnetic on Turntables and Cassettes) – January 2013
Sheree Mack  – ‘The Last Time I Saw Billie Holiday’ Moving Poetry Commission – February 2013
Bad Taste Cru/Sana Crew – Bboy Champs Showcase Mix, March 2013
MOPOMOSO tour, support as Wax Magnetic, Summerhill Bowling Club – April 2013
‘Live Witness’ – Live Theatre 40th Anniversary – Sound designer May 2013
Whitley Bay Film Festival 2013, ‘Man with a Movie Camera’ Improv film score and more.
FLOCK with Zendeh on tour around UK,
Kathryn Tickell and Folkestra, June 13 Sage Gateshead,
Vamos Festival opening and closing parties with Ladies of Midnight Blue and Djing dates, June 13.

TUSK Festival  – performance as Wax Magnetic – Oct 13
April 26th, Star and Shadow Cinema, Noize Choir, Wax Magenetic, BFI Commission, 2014-5
April 9-13th, Middlesborough, Beats North – Music Theatre, Showback.
27th April, AlgoRave , Old Police House
April 30th, Lion’s Blood – MV Carbon at Mining Institute
May 2nd, GIFT Festival, ARK at SUPERDREAM, Isis Arts/Connect ZA, Windmill Hills Park.
May 3rd, Nick Kilby, Adam Denton with Wax Magnetic, Old Police House.
Composer/Turntablist performer with directors Amy Golding of Curious Monkey, Jenny Dewar, writers Ishy Din and Luke Barnes – R&D, UK Tour 2013-15
May 16th, State of Grace, Showback, Northern Stage
May 27th, DJ support, Group Rhoda, A Glimpse of Paradise, Star and Shadow
May 30th – With Noize Choir – Lau Land, Sage Gateshead.
June 20th – Northern Proud Voices Performance
July 1st-13th – Remix Project – Grahamstown National Arts Festival, South Africa
July 19th – Northern Proud Voices – Newcastle PRIDE performance, Newcastle Exhibition Park.
August 1st – ‘Because I Cannot Sleep’ Premiere – Dokkhuset, Trondheim, Norway for Michael Duch, Andreas Elvenes.
August 8th – Your Aunt Fanny – Live Theatre
August 11th -29th – BEATS NORTH at Edinburgh Fringe with Northern Stage.
August 31st – State of Magick – Bradford Fuse.
September 20th – Stacks of Wax and Pools of Spools, BAWWWY Turntable Quartet, Alvin Lucier’s “I Am Sitting In A Room’ with Adam Denton, Joe Murray, Ant Macari.
October 27th – Nov 3rd, Tectonics Festival, Tel Aviv, 2014
November 8th – TRANSMISSION Gallery, Glasgow. In Residence with Asparagus Piss Raindrop.
November 15th – Lit and Phil Residency, Live Film Score with Matt Jamie and Donovan Orr, NOIZE CHOIR, Mutual Process.
December 13th – Lit and Phil Residency with Neil Davidson (MP Wood and Posset, support through A Better Noise)
December 20th – Lit and Phil Residency – Shabe Yelde with Zendeh. Performing live improvisation with Nazli Tabatabei-Khatambhaksh
January 24th – Moving Bass Lines – Lit and Phil Residency with Michael Duch (Swan Hunter and Depletion, support through A Better Noise)
January 30th – LIVE LAB launch party – LIVE THEATRE. DJ set.
February 3rd – Support with Zasso Fukei for Trans/Human , The Old Police House, Gateshead.
February 4th – MONO Records, resident DJ support slot. Ernest Bar, Newcastle.
February 6th – Jumping Puddles UK Tour. Composer. Tour Dates Below.
February 13th – TIME – Lit and Phil Residency with Rhodri Davies (support through A Better Noise)
February 28th – Ernest DJING with MONTOYA
March 13th – SPECTRUM DJ Set, at Northern Stage with MONTOYA and Ladies of Midnight Blue

March 14th – Algorave, DJ set, The Old Police House, Gateshead.
March 17th and 18th – Red Road Dance Theatre performance, Northern Stage
March 26th – SPIN THE SIGNS – Whitechapel Gallery, Shelley Parker and Manni Dee, Caroline Bergvall, Adam Parkinson

April 8th – Ilan Volkov, Rhodri Davies, Mariam Rezaei, Yoni Silver, Neil Davidson, Improvisation.
May 1st – Glasgow Tectonics Festival, Premiere for BBC Radio 3 with Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, SSO and Ilan Volkov.
May 2nd – Glasgow Tectonics Festival, DUO performance with Atilla Csihar
May 3rd – GIFT Festival, BEATSNORTH.
May 10th – Wax Magnetic support slot, Soundroom, Gateshead.
May 23rd – Zendeh ‘Cinema’ premiere. UK Tour begins.
July 18th – Newcastle Pride, Northern Proud Voices Choir
July 28th – Michael Duch, Ketil Gutvik, Oslo, Norway.
August – Edinburgh Fringe Festival – Music Director for:
Zendeh’s CINEMA
Live Theatre, Your Aunt Fanny
Northern Stage, Here Is The News From Over There (Over There is the New from Here)
Beats North, dates tbc.
Alphabetti Theatre – 24hours to with THE OLD POLICE HOUSE
Stolen Voices
Zendeh Transit
M.R.M. (solo project)
theatre project
COMPANY OF OTHERS (Rambert Dance Company) 15 minute showcase

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